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Nothing is more coveted than brand recognition. Customers want names they trust and depend on. Envelop your audience with your design, style and image. Lets develop a unique look and feel for your company or client… truly expressing their sophisticated talents and exclusive performance.

Take a look at some of my favorite challenges.


When time is of the essence, you need to turnaround high impact, stunning design work. Create visual identification that marries your brand with your product,
whatever that may be.

These hours need to be met with professional, quantitative results, experienced creative design and immediate representation.

Let me be the solution for any design challenge. I explore your competition, suggest turn-key marketing strategies and execute beautiful promotional deliverables based on years of agency performance. Lets rock a great look, approve it, and we’re ready to initialize a variety of formats from a web site to P.O.S., video to commercial advertisement.


Once the venue is decided, we can now move into deliverable mechanicals, web sites, presentations and video. With a background in print, I can easily carry the brand into animation, Powerpoint / Keynote presentations, web site identity and video. It takes experience to know the proper DPI for an optimized website header and how that differs greatly from a printed banner, a broadcast video or a brochure. I am the solve for any such need, combining my years of experience producing packaging and print, with in-house video and presentation design for many fortune 100 companies. This knowledge is a key factor when we need expert design coupled with  tight deadlines and budget.


What our clients say

My experience working with Joseph has been nothing short of a total pleasure. His expertise and creativity transformed my simple vision into beautiful work. I’m so glad I was introduced to him as he is now my creative right hand man! Thanks Joe, you’re the best!!!

Maria Aponte Aniello Owner | Skin Clinic Inc.

I have been working with Joseph for the last seven years. Joseph designs our tradeshow booths, print ads, promotional giveaways and video’s. He has a full understanding of our projects and marketing goals. We submitted an ad Joseph designed to an Ad-Q study. It received the 5th highest score of 42 ads. His creative talent and design skills are brilliant. It is a pleasure working with him and he is always open to my feedback and suggestions. Cheers to many more years working together!

Erica Cosentino Marketing Manager | Centerchem Inc.

Over the past 20 years I have worked frequently with Joseph, and every time I’m blown away by his energy, and creativity. Joseph, is truly an asset to any organization, works well under pressure, great attention for detail and an uncanny intuition for understanding his customers vision. 99% of the time Joseph will nail a look on the first round. Joseph has always been meticulous, diligent and a critical thinker. I remember working on many agency pitches into the morning hours with Joseph, and just when we thought we had created the most amazing presentation ever, out comes another brilliant idea. I’ve presented Joseph many projects over the years every project had its own set of intricate needs, I’m always amazed at the final result!

Jeffrey Cole Senior Art Director | Subway Inc.

Joseph has been working on retainer with us for many years. He has a good understanding of our business which is very valuable as it makes working on a design concept much easier. His booth design for a cosmetic tradeshow has been referred to as the Mona Lisa of the show! He takes great pride in his work and that comes through with the end result.

Christine Gheduzzi Vice President Marketing | Centerchem Inc.

We have used Joseph D’Alesandro for all types of graphic art projects.  He has produced many of Carson’s award-winning packages.  He has also catalogs, price lists, and even marketing videos.  There are very few graphic artists that are as talented and as creative as Joseph D’Alesandro.

Rich Cameron CEO | Carson Optical

Joseph delivers a rare combination of creative conceptualization and incredible design – I am simply thrilled with the results! Working with Joe is very easy – He has the business savvy to quickly grasp concepts and turn out exceptional visuals in a timely manner.

Yi Quan CEO | iSchool of Music & Art


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Hi There! Welcome to my life I have enjoyed a successful career as a graphic designer and art director for over 15 years. Many clients, many agencies later, I still strive to be the best in the field, ever pursuing new software, studying hot trends, adding my personal flare and always growing as an artist. […]

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