Commissioned by Arts for Transit// Winner MTA Call to Artists

Stained Glass | 219th St. | Bronx NY

The Models

This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. As a Bronx resident, I was asked to participate in a series of art submissions for Arts for Transit, the division of MTA that embraces artists and encourages and displays their artwork throughout the NYC subway system. I was chosen to have my art displayed, faceted out of stained glass, on the No 2 line at 219th Street. Inspired by movement and color, this project resulted in a series of 20 panels that depict a combination of dance, design and geometry. Phase one was the models...

The Submission

From the models, I created these panels, which were each inspired by a wrinkle in time and movement. Here, Tanzanee and Ashley are transformed into "Cartoons" which I created in Illustrator, then printed large scale and submitted for consideration.

The Art

After several years serving as a sort of project manager on this job, the artwork was finally installed and ready for viewing by the public. There are 20 pieces total, and I proudly refer to this time as my finest. It is an honor and privilege to have permanent stained glass installations in my home. I dedicated the work to the people and personalities that inspire me to have fun, live easy, and take it not so seriously.